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With July coming shortly, I was just wondering if there were any updates in regards to a possible refresh of the 5000 series that was announced by the ceo of ati at the beginning of the year? I was looking at buying a Sapphire 5770 vapor-x or XFX 5770, but was considering waiting if the refresh within the next month or two would be worth the wait?
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  1. Announced at the beginning of the year? Perhaps you mean this, it has a Jan 23 2010 date on it.

    It rather clearly states;

    and look forward to refreshing the entire lineup in the second half of next year,” said Dirk Meyer, chief executive officer of AMD, with full confidence, encouraged by the positive financial report of the fourth quarter. (He referred to the second half of fiscal 2010 as to the “next year”, which is actually the second half of calendar 2010.)

    Second half of calendar 2010 probably means closer to Christmas. I would think Sept at the earliest. With the southern isle/northern isle "problems", we are most likely looking at a real refresh and not new cards. Meaning think 5790, and not 6670.
  2. thank gawd...if the new 6x00 came out while the current 5x00 are still overpriced above MRSP... >_<
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