A question about RAM frequency and CAS latency

Hi guys!

I have a question about the DDR3 RAM. I would like to get 8GB ram in an 2x4 kit. Is the frequency important factor in real world performance (gaming, photo & video editing).

I would also like to know if the CAS latency of 9-9-24 is considered low?

That's the CAS latency of the Corsair PC3-12800 KIT "Vengeance" 8192 MB

Thanks for any answers!
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  1. CL9 is pretty much the standard of today's RAM's timings.It's not either low or high but timings barely have an effect on real performance.The most important factor is the capacity in which 8GB is more than enough for the tasks you mentioned.
  2. Hi there,

    RAM timings can be very confusing, but a lot depends on your motherboard, CPU, and frequency of the Memory controller.
    What MB are you using, and on the General Page of your BIOS, what is the Base Clock Frequency and what is the Memory controller set for?
    It's probably 667 MHz and your standard 2 Channel RAM will be twice that.

    The CAS is just the first number of the RAM timings as 9-9-9-24
    Here is a good link that explains about all those numbers.

    Those new Vengeance RAM chips are very nice, run at 1.5V which is what most new memory controllers are spec'd at rather than the 1.65V most older RAM chips need. I haven't seen them in 8-8-8-24 configuration or faster yet but have seen them spec'd at 1600 MHz.

    There was a short writeup about RAM frequency in Maximum PC magazine recently, and the concensus was the 1333 frequency was the sweet spot in relation to speed.
  3. john_VanKirk: Actually I can't tell you the Base Clock Frequency and all that stuff, because the RAM's are going to be used for a future built.

    The links you posted were a bit helpful.
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