Toshiba laptop computer keeps cutting off wont start up

I have a Toshiba laptop that has some strange behavior. It just seems to randomly cut off when in use. it does it sometimes so much its not really usable, while at other times it doesn't do it at all. sometimes it cuts off and restarts by itself, other times it stays off. It also does not turn on, you have to repeatedly try to turn it on, and finally you can get it on as long as the power supply is not plugged into it. it does not turn on when its plugged up even if the battery is fully charged or even removed completely. If the power supply is plugged in after it is already started it will still cut off immediately. it is not an overheating issue because this behavior starts at times 30 seconds or less from start up, but I'm sure the cutting off and start up issues are from the same cause because the started happening at the same time. ideas?
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  1. Looks like the internal power supply circuitry is failing.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Looks like the internal power supply circuitry is failing.


    If this was a desktop computer I would say its the PSU..

    But basically its the laptops version of that =p
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