In need of a decent gaming computer

Hey guys, I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me out or give me some suggestions on a little problem.

I gave my cousin my PC about 4 months ago. It was a HP Pavilion a1230n, with ATI X1950 Pro. Unfortunately, his card/motherboard seemed to have died, and he would like to buy a new computer. Since his birthday is coming up soon, I was thinking about getting him a new one. Now, I know it's probably better to build one from scratch, but I'm not too comfortable with it, nor do I have much time to spend on it. I built my current computer though, with A LOT of help from my friend. Right now, I think the plan is to buy a "decent" computer from Best Buy, and install a better card. Maybe something like I have (GeForce 9800GTX+) or something here.,2676-3.html

I'm really bad when it comes to hardware, but if I get the 4850 for him, and say...this computer

will the card fit/work? I have problems with PCIe/PCIex16 etc.

I will probably be purchasing this next week or the week after, since his birthday is in 3 weeks. This will mainly be a gaming computer, in which the games that he plays the most on PC are Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. On the old computer he had, he only played on medium, and said it "still looked very good." The only other thing he might be doing is streaming from YouTube, but he has a laptop that he uses for other things. His monitor resolution will be 1680x1050. I hope this is sufficient information. And I hope someone can help a little noob like myself >_<

EDIT: I forgot to say the budget is anywhere from $250-650
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  1. I'd probably choose the Asus. Slimline cases are really hard to upgrade. The 4850 most likely wouldn't fit.

    I also like the "only install what you need" software installer.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion jsc! I was worried that the slimline wouldn't have enough space. I am hoping the ASUS fits my cousin's needs as well.

    I still would like other suggestions on if anyone can find a better prebuilt.
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