Mix ssd and sata drives in a raid

I have a Windows Media Center at home, and with cheap SSD and cheaper large 2TB & 3TB drives on the market. I'm wondering what it would take to build my own Fusion-Type Drive Subsystem. So that I would record new shows on the faster SSD drives, and then move them to slower storage when they are not accessed.
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  1. It sounds to me like you're trying to make extra work for yourself. Moving large files from one storage device to another is time consuming even for an SSD because it will only occur at the speed of the slowest device. If you are recording media files "off air" then the recording is occurring at the same speed it is displayed (real time) and cannot be speeded up by using a faster storage drive. Even the slowest HDD is many times faster than real time data delivery. The same is true for recording files from an optical drive. The optical drive is much slower than the HDD or SSD. My advice is to record directly to your slow HDD.
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