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I am trying to copy my 750Gb HDD to my new Intel 240Gb SSD... Can someone give me some specific details on how to do this? I have the Crucial disk that allows you to transfer files from my HDD to SSD so I don't think that will be a big problem. After that I know I have to remove the HDD and install the SSD in the same bay the HDD was in. But when I then start up the computer does it already know how to boot from the SSD? What do I have to do from their? Also I am getting the 6gb/s version in SATA lll but my computer right now with the HDD is SATA lll 3gb/s. But I bought this computer a month ago and it must have the 6gb/s capabilities right? It must be the Hard Disk Drive that's limiting me right? Is their a way to change this? And one more thing, since I am going from a 750 Gb Drive to a 240Gb drive do I have to align anything or do anything extra, I literally, just last night re-installed Windows with no bloatware so I think it is safe to say that everything is aligned like brand new and I can copy the disk with no problem. What do you think?

So my questions are:

1. What do I have to do to boot from my SSD once I have my HDD copied to it and the SSD installed into my laptop?
2. Intel (RST) says I have SATA lll 3Gb/s when my computer is brand new bought in September of 2012. Can I change it to 6 Gb/s or am I stuck at 3 gb/s for some reason? And do I have to buy a SSD that is 3Gb/s since that's what I have or will a 6Gb/s also work?
3. Since I am going from a 750Gb HDD to a 240Gb SSD with less space do I have to adjust anything or align anything special or will it copy with no problems and be fast?
4. Does anyone know how to enter my RAID BIOs setup?

The computer I have is.... HP DV7-7133nr, 3610qm Quad Core Processor, 8Gb RAM, 750Gb 5400 rpm HDD, Intel HD 4000 Graphics. This computer was bought in September of 2012.
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  1. You say you just installed Windows on your HDD, why didn't you just install Windows on the SSD? The computer doesn't know it's an SSD. It's just another drive. The speed difference won't matter. You will need to consult your MB manual for specifics. Forget about RAID. You're not a candidate with only one drive.
  2. Actually right now I have another 64Gb Crucial M4 SSD that is in RAID 0 with my HDD right now. So If you can answer that question it'd be nice. Also I haven't got the new SSD yet, that is why I am asking questions before hand. You did not answer any of them by the way.
  3. The reason I want to know about RAID is because I am thinking it may be a good idea speed wise, to try and put my new 240gb ssd (which will be my main drive) and the 64gb in RAID 0 which I heard will make a difference in speed.
  4. You don't want to use RAID 0 with 2 different sized drives. In your scenario you would only have 128 GB, if your RAID controller even allows it.
  5. Thanks for that answer. Any others can answer any other of my questions?
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