Modding Raven RV02 to Exhaust Corsair H50 CPU Cooler

I just got my Raven RV02 and would like to upgrade my CPU cooler to the Corsair H50 CPU Cooler and can really only mount it to the acrylic side panel. The problem is that I've never worked with acrylic or even know if this would work.

Any tips or other ideas as to where I could mount the radiator/fan?

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions!
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  1. Beautiful case that is :)
    the h50 pipes wont reach to that mesh at the back?
    if you cut the acrylic, I'd suggest cutting it very carefully indeed
    or how about putting the rad/fan at the top where the existing fan is?
    at a push,bring it round my house and we'll sort it :)
  2. Why don't you just mount the H50 to the 120mm fan space at the top and set it to exhaust? Saves cutting up anything and messing with the Raven's positive airflow design then.
  3. Moto, the mesh at the back is where the PSU intake fan will be; it's an odd spot for a PSU, I know.

    I did find some stuff on the web about people mounting the radiator to the top fan in push pull and getting good results with it. It seems so simple of an idea now ;)
  4. Another idea I've seen done with the raven 2 and Fortress 2 is to mount the H50 rad on one of the 180mm fans at the bottom.

    In fact, there's plenty of space for a 3x120 rad, so you could use one of those CoolIt 240mm radiator units if you mount at the bottom.
  5. Yeah just mount it on the 120 exhaust at the back, works fine.
  6. ^Read up a bit Petey, thats where his psu is going :P
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