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Hey im looking for someone to build me a desktop ona site like Cyberpower or IbuyPower. I want an awesome gaming desktop that is under $2000 and can basically run my games on high settings with little lag. I mainly play World of Warcraft amd want a computer that can play it on high or ultra with little lag as possible. If you guys could just build and link them to me that would be awesome or just tell me some key features that would make a computer I build awesome for WoW and gaming. Thanks alot

PS- If anyone could also suggest a good monitor within a good price range please tell too. thanks
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  1. Well, I won't put the stuff together for you, but make sure you get some good graphics, definitely at least a 5770.

    You willing to consider building yourself and saving some money?
  2. +1 DIY and also : WOW doesn't need a $1k config let alone $2k @@
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