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Hello, I think I need a graphics card with at least two HDMI "out"
connections for 1. the monitor 2. tuner for "home theater" Win XP.
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  1. A dual link DVI can be turn into HDMI via adapter, it carries all the same data so you wont loose anything in the conversion. Its much easier to find a GPU with two DVI outs(most do), than one with multiple HDMI outputs.
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  3. The only thing a DVI to HDMI won't transmit is sound. For ease of connection with home theater, you could probably find cheap entry-level card with both DVI (for monitor) and HDMI (for home theater) like this SAPPHIRE HD 4650.
  4. I believe some DVI->HDMI adapters use either a USB or a speaker jack to get audio.
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