Possible to adapt a vga monitor cable to go into an hdmi port on pc?

I have a bit of a situation where I sold a computer online and the buyer reports problems getting the display to work using vga. The computer has both hdmi and vga out

The hdmi port does work, though his monitors are only vga.

From what I see at mono price there are vga to dvi adapters cheap, and also dvi to hdmi adapters cheap as well, but I didnt see a vga to hdmi adapter.

Is it possible to daisy chain the adapters converting the monitors vga cable to dvi, and then convert the dvi to hdmi to be able to plug the monitor into the back of the pc?

Or, if he has a dvi monitor, will a dvi to hdmi cable work?

Thanks for any help on this
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  1. Heres the two adapters I hope to accomplish this with without having to pay $50+ for a straight hdmi-vga converter

  2. I am pretty sure that even if it could be connected in a sort of daisy chain, it wouldn't work. You are going from an analog (VGA) to DVI to HDMI (digital) connection. There is no signal conversion on the HDMI link.

    What sort of problem is the buyer having? Could be a simple matter of configuring the right screen resolution and monitor tweaking.
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