Suspected fault on Motherboard - diagnose? and what replacement?

Hi all. I have an ABIT IX48-GT3 x48 (socket 775). I suspect it's going faulty as all of a sudden my PC will lock (Win 7 x64) and rebooting simply produces a black screen before the BIOS information is displayed. The only way I've found to get it to boot is reset the CMOS via a button on the back.

1) Does this sound like a fault on the mobo?
2) If I have to change the mobo, can anyone recommend one so that I can put my QuadCore Q9400 (s775) in there? I also have 4x DIMM's and a PCI-e ATI 5870 graphics card.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. After you clear the CMOS and boot, do you go back in and make changes to the BIOS? Or do you just leave the BIOS with stock settings?
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Yeh I go in and turn off stuff like; full screen welcome message off. Floppy disk drive detect off (don't have one). RAID controller off. Disk access change fro IDE to AHCI.

    I booted it fresh this morning and it got to the desktop but froze.
    There is no BSOD, just a solid freeze.
  3. Before I would blame the motherboard, I would try a new power supply.
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