Power surge, lightning? something on my comp fried, need advice.

Ok there was quite a bit of lightning earlier (nothing really close) go to turn my computer on, it turns on but doesn't post. LED's come on, fans come on high but don't go down to their normal level like the do when it goes to the post screen..

Plug in my PSU into another computer seems to be OK.

Plug in other ram/CPU into this motherboard doesn't make a difference, although im not positive they are compatable.. should be.

I don't have another motherboard I can plug my CPU and ram in to test them, my other comps I have available are pretty old.

So I'm thinking its most likely the motherboard.

Anyone have any advice, or maybe something else to test? Or advice on a new MB? I will be shopping around newegg tonight for a new one, I don't need anything fancy shcmancy, just decently fast and cheap. I'm pretty broke :/
socket 775

MSI p7n platinum (fried?) looks like this is discountinued anyways
4 gig ram

I would just get a newer socked motherboard if I could but I really can't afford a new ram/cpu to along with it, my comp did everything I needed well..they don't even make the q6600 anymore :(

Thanks for any input.
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  1. Oh yeah and I meant to say the power did go off for a couple seconds, I'm pretty sure its related. Guess I'll be ordering another MB in the morning... maybe antoher 750i like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131232&cm_re=ASUS_P5N-_-13-131-232-_-Product

    I hate ordering a MB thats been out for more than a couple years though, oh well.
  2. Ok just an update, none probly cares but oh well lol. I found a board speaker from an old comp plugged it in, got a long beep, short beep, short beep. Turns out it was the video card!! plugged in an old card and sure enough started up alright. My 8800gt went looks like. SOOO heres what I'm getting, will be a bit of an upgrade at least...

    not a bad deal.
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