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Hey all.

i recently just bought a gigabyte HD 5830. it's been running really well, but i've heard that it also overclocks quite well--unfortunately, i have achieved very poor results.

i've done the overclock so far using the catalyst control centre and the core clock will not go above 850MHz. i set it to 860 and run the CCC test and i always fail it. this seems unlike, as i've heard everybody else getting overclocks in excess of 900MHz EASSSY. furthermore, at said clocks it idles at 36 celsius and loads from 55-60. (i've enver seen it past 58)

i do not think it is a system or power limitation (specs below), but did i just get unlucky and get a card that is that bad?
any advice on other programs i can use to OC with ATI cards as well?

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H
Athlon II X4 620 @ 3.2GHz, OCZ Gladiator 92mm cooler.
4GB Corsair DDR2 RAM
Hitachi 500GB HDD
OCZ 600W ModXStream PSU
Gigabyte 5830
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  1. Since your 5830 does not have voltage control you are limited to the overclock. Don't use CCC to overclock the card. Use Afterburner and raise only in increments till it freezes, then back off a bit and you should be fine.


    Also create a fan curve to keep you card nice n cool =)
  2. thanks for the advice. by a fan curve, do you mean setting the fan to spin at certain speeds depending on the temperature of the GPU? i have just realized that i can set that in afterburner.
  3. yep =)

  4. CCC Auto tune, or Auto overclock (what ever it's called) is rubbish, it said my HD5850 was stable at 1035Mhz Core on stock volts :lol:

    Like Overclocker said, use Afterburner.
  5. at 870MHz core my brother got artifacts on WOW. brought it down to 860 and it worked. that is severely depressing. i think i'll keep trying when i get a rainy day where i'm doing absolutely nothing and have hours of time.
  6. If he got artifacts it was because of temps or something else. The 5830 can do at least 920mhz on stock volts.

    If the artifacts are caused by the OC, its time for an RMA.
  7. i tried clocks at 870MHz on DOW2 and HAWX. in both games there were no artifacts but 3 times in a half hour it caused VPU Recover (CCC feature) that resets the graphics driver cause it is not responding. it never happened once at 860MHz. i really think my card can not legitimately overclock past 860MHz.
  8. what were the temps? did you use Afterburner to record the activity?

    Example :

    can you post a screen-shot?
  9. here is a screen-shot taken about 15 seconds after DOW2 went black during the game, and the VPU recovery message came up. it was the 2nd time i got the message in 5 minutes.

    everything should be fine i think, but let me know.

    sorry i had to post it on facebook, let me know if you can't see the picture.
  10. Yea when I click on the pic it barely zooms. Can you upload to photobucket or imageshack?
  11. here's a marginally better photo

    thanks for the advice
  12. i wouldn't be against it, i just don't know how. you guys have been a great help by the way
  13. yea your temps are fine, everything seems normal..

    the only thing that comes to my mind is either the stock voltage is too low (might need a Bios flash) or the card is just non-OC friendly.
  14. Quote:
    It's a pretty simple process. Let me look around for the higher voltage bios.

    thanks please let me know when you have found one.
  15. this guys seemed to have the same problem as me--his card wouldn't do more than 840/1100-- that's even weaker than mine. i'm not sure if he found a bios with a higher voltage, but i think we both just got extremely weak cards.
  16. To be honest I would just RMA/return for refund if the 30 days are not up. This way you do not have to bother flashing the Bios/bricking the card, etc..

    If you are still eligible for return try getting a card that allows voltage adjustment.
  17. i would, but my dad probably wouldn't allow it (sorry mate, i'm 17). i've had the card for 2 weeks now, so the 30 days aren't up. would the RMA take a while, and would it get me the exact same card?
  18. It's up to you, you can take psycho's advice and flash or return the card for a refund and buy something else/RMA. When you RMA you can get a new one or a refurbished, depending on where you got the card.

    Where did you buy the card?
  19. NCIX.com, a Canadian site. i think i'll just live with it though. i looked online there and ti said RMAs take 2-3 weeks for turnaround. problem is i'm going to Europe for 4 weeks, leaving next monday, and i don't want to be worrying about RMAing a video card. also, the card works fine, and i least a overclock i little bit. i just got a card that's a poor overclocker--i'll only be using it for 6-months to a year, then i'll be building a new rig for university. i just don't feel like going through the task of refunding/replacement, given timelines i have and the actual benefit i will gain out of it. it's still a powerful enough card to let me play any game i want until then, so i don't think i'll waste a month trying to gain that extra 100MHz :(
  20. Quote:
    My 5830 went to 985c, 1250m on stock volts. Use Afterburner

    What was the manufacturer of your card?
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