$$$5 bounty!!!. creative x-fi elite- 5.1 harman kardon.480 watt yamaha

i pay 5 dollars US.to the person who finds the solution.

now that i got your attention.

I got 5.1 harman kardon hkts 7
connected to a yamaha 480 watt receiver 5.1
which is connected to my PC's sound card with RCA splitters/adapter so can be plugged into pc sound card

everything works fine EXCEPT
the 2 rear speakers NO sound comes from them.the 3 speakers and subwoofer is great.
Use WMP or youtube music,whatever i play,just no sound comes from the 2 rear speakers

my sound card setting is already set to 5.1
when i do the channel test it works fine.
when play time is over and entertainment time,the 2 rear speakers dont work.
so 5 dollars to the person who finds the solution.
I tried to be as descriptive as i can.

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
4gb ram

rest of my computer specs i dont know.
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  1. i installed and tried,no results.on my receiver it still says PCM.any instructions?
  2. the bounty is over,the answer was

    settings in the receiver,
    and also i had to downgrade my windows 7 into windows vista(yikes)
    also had to go to creative.com and buy a dolby digital codec pack for 4.72 + tax lol
    anyways now my system sounds superb.
    thanks mosox for trying to help.thanks alot guys
  3. Could you also tell us what settings had to be changed/set on the receiver to get it going?
    And could you also tell us what exactly does that codec pack do?
    Could you provide a link to creative's website as well regarding the dolby digital codec?

  4. why certainly i can.

    So guys.
    the receivers problem was "set menu"
    i can change the settings of each speaker,front rear center etc etc
    since my harmans are 3" bass drivers,it was set on LRG(large) so i changed it to small.--------(works like a charm)

    Now guys for the sound card and the dolby digital pack/codec/script or whatever it is.
    I had windows 7 when i posted this thread.After alot of online searching i came across the creative dolby pack.I brought it from their site for 4.72

    so i installed,nothing changed i was like WTF.
    lol so i contacted customer support,( like any1 who earns their money,hard work)
    so they said i need windows vista.(its a downgrade but i said to myself,i'm more into audio,than windows 7 is appealing to me,)
    so after vista install,i installed the dolby digital pack

    RESULTS------Before i installed this pack,all i see on the receiver is "PCM" after the install,i ran WM player,play on first song,i see it pops up"dolby pro logic 2" when i saw that.....i was like THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!
    i always wanted a HT system for my PC,good investment lol

    now my set up is

    creative x-fi elite pro sound card with i/o module
    to connect to my receiver i got a knukoncepts fiber optical cable(20 dollars)
    and everything is working fantastic.

    if u need help on your system or came across mines and have tips,i would like to hear it.

    thanks and good luck to you guys.
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