Broken usb port on my acer aspire 5332

one of my usb ports on my acer aspire 5332 laptop is broken and now the one that is not broken doesnt work either, how do disable the broken usb port so that the one that is not broken can still work? please help me
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  1. Head to acer's support site, select your model, and then download/install the chipset. It may not be an update, but reinstalling the chipset will reset the USB controllers.
  2. thanks for the reply, i tried that but the port still doesnt work. any other suggestions?
  3. just get a PCMCIA dual-USB slot-in card - easy. You can get on with change from a tenner from Tekheads

  4. Is the dual-USB slot-in card not only for a pc, will it work on a laptop/notebook?
  5. amips said:
    just get a PCMCIA dual-USB slot-in card - easy. You can get on with change from a tenner from Tekheads


    hi ~ i have the same problem except both usb ports don't work. I was told that newer laptops no longer have a port the PCMCIA card. any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Were you able to solve your problem as i have the same.
    I have a packard bell easynote tj65. One of the usb ports are broken now the rest do not work however i am able to charge devices through the usb ports that do work, but the laptop does not show a device is attached.
  7. You can try making sure none of the broken ports contacts are touching anything but likely damage has been done to the usb controller or hub and since you don't have a pc card slot you're probably out of luck.

    Also you should not re-open year old threads.
  8. If you have experience in soldering, you could always replace the port. There are sockets available on eBay after a quick search. Can also buy them here if you wish to stay away from ebay..

    I've replaced alot of USB sockets in the past, and the usual cause is as popatim says, the pins touching. They also touch behind the socket on this particular model if the legs have been snapped behind.
  9. i posted this on a new thread, but here is my solution

    To those that have posted that their ACER 5332 has broken USB ports, mine failed after a short in a usb device, both USB plugs stopped working, but showed up in device manager ok.

    i googled forever and found no solution, its mother board damage apparantly. and more expensive to fix then worth.


    i noticed when i used a external usb CD-rom which had one usb for power, and one for read-write- if the power cable was powering from another computer, the ACER would identify the CD Drive and it WORKED!

    so i thought, the USB plugs must WORK but lack POWER only,

    i went on ebay, brought a usb hub with its own plug power source and using this, i can now use my acer USB and the hub
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