Wireless internet connection windows ce

i have a 7 inc wifi netbook and i'm trying to connect to internet,
it has windows ce.
The manual says to select "enscryption" type(i dont know which to select),
and input a network key,(i dont have one),
I'm sharing wifi internet with my brother's routher at the up floor apartment.
What do you say i must put so i can have a good signal connection?
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  1. I have a similar problem with a WIN CE (Yoshima) netbook. The modem shows a normal wi-fi connection with excellent signal strength, but when I click on the IE browser, it says "Canot find server or DNS". In other words, it won't load a Web page.

    Where you able to get your netbook to access the internet?
  2. the issue is related to the inability of the device to get an automatically assigned IP address...that much I know.
    The problem is the right option is already checked off in the Network Connection config window:
    RT 28701 settings:
    "Obtain an IP Address via DHCP"

    It is not getting an address, so even tho its connected to my router, it can't open an url.

    Anyone: Please help!
  3. Ditto that.
    I still can't get mine to work either, and this cheap Chinese netbook has no associated Website or support of any kind...

    Help, help!
  4. I have the answer, thanks to DIGITALGADGETS:

    Step-by-step instructions on how to install the OS image update

    This update should restore all factory settings as well as correct any operation errors. Make sure to backup any personal data on the SD card and the smartbook [if possible] before doing the update. This update will delete all information on the smartbook and require deletion of all data on the SD card. This procedure applies to Windows XP and 7 computers for updates on the 7in Sylvania Smartbook.

    ***You will need:

    - an SD card with a minimum of 1 GB of space.

    - make sure the SD card is not HC [High Capacity]

    - a computer with an SD card reader/ SD card USB reader

    1. Insert the SD card to the computer via SD card slot or USB SD card reader.

    2. Open “My Computer” and find the SD card. It will have the name of the SD card you gave it or the brand name followed by a drive letter (E:, F:, G:, etc.)

    3. Format the SD card. Right click on the SD card and select “Format...” Select File System “FAT32.” Make sure you do not do a “Quick Format.” If “Quick Format” is selected uncheck that box. Click “Start.” After the SD card is formatted go to the next step.

    4. Go to: - Click on the “Downloads” tab between the “FAQ” and “Features” tabs.

    5. Download and save the file to your desktop (or any place where you will be able to find it).

    6. Go to where you saved the “” file. Right click on the file and select “Extract file here” or “Extract to” or “Extract all.” It will produce a folder called “Script” where you extract it to. Note: it will usually extract to the same locations and the .zip file.

    7. Once the “Script” folder is properly extracted move it to the SD card. To do this, right click on the “Script Folder and click “Send to.” Select your SD card. You can also simply drag the “Script” folder to your SD card and drop it in. both of these methods will copy the “Script” folder into the SD card. Note: The “Script” folder should be 132mb in size. Make sure the “Script” folder is the only thing on your SD card. When you are done move on to the installation process.

    The Installation Process:

    1. Make sure the Smartbook is powered down.

    2. When the Smartbook is turned off, insert the SD into the device. The SD card goes in upside down with the metal plates facing up.

    3. Once the SD card is inserted, turn on the Smartbook.

    4. The software should now start to load.

    5. Wait for the update to finish, do not press any keys during this time.

    6. When prompt to remove the SD card, shut down the Smartbook and then remove the SD card.

    7. Once the SD card has been removed, restart the device.

    8. The next time you restart the Smartbook you will notice a new operating system has been installed.

    Note: Remember with the SYNET-7WID/ SYNET-07526 models, that you may need to conduct the update a few times before the netbook actually takes it (why that happens is being looked into). Sometimes the Smartbooks will not correctly update the first time. In this case you may have to reinstall the update again. You will notice if the update has not been performed correctly if the unit is behaving erratically or has not changed in appearance after the first update. If you have any further questions or issue installing the OS, please contact me.

    The new OS image will look different to the one you were using previously. It contains some new upgrades including the Wi-Fi fix that allows netbooks to connect to N-signal routers. It is also more stable.

    Connecting to WIFI is simpler now. From the desktop you go to the bottom of the screen where there is a Control button [4th button] from the start menu. Click on it and go to WIFI Configuration. From there it’s the same as the last OS. The same instructions apply for your network setup. The only difference is that the new OS will be simpler.

    If you have any further questions please respond to this e-mail.

    Thank you,

    Shea Greenberg
    Shea Greenberg |Customer Service Representative
  5. ok I have the same problem but now when I finish that steps I have a message who says APPLICATION ERROR "" Application explorer.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down"".
    I have Sylvania SYNET-7WID

    What can I do for fix that problem??? :( :(
  6. i did all the steps but after it did not load just turned on as normal
  7. The smartbook won't go past the loading page
  8. Start a new thread please.
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