What motherboard to choose- IH55 or IH57 ?

hello , i chose already my configuration , but i need a motherboard to assemble it :) .
so my configuration will be :
procesor: intel i3 540
ram 2x2GB dual kingston DDR3 1333MHz(that means motherboard need to have dual chanel ram DDR3 support)
hard: WD 1,5 TB 64MB kesh

i checked this motherboards:
GIGABYTE H55M-D2H, H55, DDR III 2200+/1800/1600/1333, VGA, HDMI, SATA, GLAN, LGA1156 90.90 $:

GIGABYTE H55M-UD2H, H55, DDR III 1666(O.C)/1333/1066, VGA, HDMI, SATA II, 1394, GLAN, LGA1156 99.80 $:

and them seemed nice , but later i read that the H55 chipset was not good , and i better take H57 or just P55 ... (no use of H55)....

the other problem is that in my area i could find only this motherboard with chipset H57 : Intel DH57DD BULK(115$) , and i do not know anything for it...

so i dont know what to take :((( .
i have not big budget but i want to get the part that is worth the most for my configuration .
i dont want to take something that i will not fully use , or something that will slow my other parts...

the other thing is that i will have no videocard at begining(no money) so i'll use only the integrated video card on chipset - so that matters too(what kind of video card is integrated there) .

10x you in advance 4 the answer guys - really !
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  1. What country are you from? I would not get outdated/obsolete technology if you're buying new.
  2. Bulgaria ...

    i buying new configuration , but i have not so much money for the expensive procesors and parts ...
    so i get older ones that are cheaper - but will suit me anyway...
  3. if u have better opinion on configuration that will cost me about the same money - please suggest it to me - really
    10x u in advance 4 that !

    the money that i am wiling to pay for procesor ram , hard and motherboard - maximum 500$ ...
    so if u have better suggestion within this range please tell it to me .
    10x one more time :)
  4. Where are you buying parts from? Older parts doesn't always mean cheaper. In some cases it's more expensive because there are people who want to upgrade their old computers and the parts are not made anymore so the price goes up.
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