Is my motheboard supplying enough power for my gpu?

I got a

biostar 790gxa3+

I bought a asus rog 5870 and my psu only has a 6+2 and a 6pin so I had to upgrade my psu to a

CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

I tryed using a adapter with my old 650w antec 6+2 pin and 6 pin and used a 6 to 6+2pin adapter on the 6 pin and when I called asus and did small oc only used voltage for a second..

anyways I noticed when I started to load up games like crysis it would go to a black screen on gray screen after a minute or two of running and then it would restart so i put the clocks back to stock they weren't up much by the way

anyways after reseting the clocks back to stock and uninstalling and reinstalling drivers etc the problem persisted so I went ahead and rma'd the card and decided maybe it was the power supply.

asus tech support said it had to either be my power supply or my motherboard.

So I wanted you guys to look at my motherboard and tell me if that could be the problem anyways I called biostar and told them about my problem and they said to plug in the 4pin molex to add a little extra power to the pci slots... I used the 4 pin molex thing with my 5770s crossfired and it worked fine the 3d cards were fine..

The only reason I got rid of them was because a game doesn't support crossfire.

anyways on page 17 of the pdf motherboard manual it says
"JATXPWR1: Auxiliary Power for Graphics
This connector is an auxiliary power connection for graphics cards. Exclusive
power for the graphics card provides better graphics performance."

when I talked to asus tech support they told me to try running the card without the 4 pin molex first then if i needed it to plug it in but doesn't it sound like the voltage would be more stable with it plugged in from what the manual says?

I don't want to fry this card or whatever happened with the other one because who knows how long the turnaround at asus would take and thats alot of money 520 for the card and 169 for the psu im starting to wish I just got the 5870 gigabyte soc
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  1. ah crap i feel bad when people on toms hardware dont know t.t
  2. anyone ?
  3. well I bought a new psu that has plenty of power its a 850w corsair modular 169 bucks on newegg so it has to be the motherboard that wouldnt let me overclock because when i add voltage it goes to a blue screen page file dump or whatever.. so anybody who says no the motherboard doesnt give enough power for the 5870 matrix rog when overclocking ill give the answer to its emailing me asking If I got a answer this would be useful for someone else with the problem of having a crappy motherboard I know I wont mess with any motherboard that has to offer a 4pin molex for "extra graphics power stability" or whatever ever again...

    time for the forumla tech support said if my north bridge isn't touching they will make sure I get one that is fixed i know its a hassle and msi is a sure bet but they dont align it so that if your only running two 5870's it doesn't have to lay ALL over the south bridge that can't be good...
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