"Disk is Write Protected" warning

I bought an external 2tra western HDD has a USB 2.0 port .It was working fine with the USB 2.0 connection. I could copy, delete, write files onto the drive. When I used the eSATA port I get the "Disk is Write Protected" warning. and my hard's kit is broken .now i have very importent thing in my hard and i cant use it and i use another kit or hard box for use it but all of them say "Disk is Write Protected" warning
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  1. Hello & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    What OS are you running on your desktop computer, and when you used the eSATA conection, did you use that on a different computer, or one running Win XP, or an Apple?

    Also with the ext drive connected, go to Disk Management, and upload a screenshot (imageshack or photobucket) with your post back, so we can see exactly now Windows recognizes this WD 2TB external drive.
  2. hi
    my os is win 7 and i use that on a different computer pc but it same. :(
    i send a screenshot in another post and u see
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