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Hi All,

Im currently on the look our for someone who can repair graphics cards.

I have quite a few high end graphics cards that are artifacting.

Im looking for someone in particular who has a proven track record of succesful repairs please.

I dont mind posting abroad, im based in the UK.

If so can you please mail me at

Thank You.

Moderators Please do not remove this listing, Ive spent countless hours reading tutorials and watching videos about graphics cards repair, even seen the youtube oven bake(didn't work for me!!)

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or pointers.

Can you believe there is just no-one out there doing repairs. Im sure theres gotta be some company in the world that does this.

There must be 1000's of people out there with £200+ or even £300+ cards that can't be RMA'd!!!
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  1. The reason there arent people out there doing repairs is because most of the issues with a graphics card cannnot be fixed. If something happened to the GPU itself, the card is totally toast, if something happened to one of the memory modules you are going to need to replace it with an exact match, good luck buying a single GDDR5 chip. If they are out of warranty you are out of luck and need to just buy a new one.

    Also, take down your email or it will get picked up by a few thousand spam bots.
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