SATA and multiple EIDE drives - Jumpers?

Motherboard died, replaced Mobo and cpu. Computer had two EIDE HDDs, one as master and one as slave on same cable. I plan to add a 500MB SATA drive, make it the main drive, and install Windows on it.

Question: I had researched and know SATA and EIDE work fine together, and if I install SATA and windows, config CPU, then add the two EIDE drives after, the BIOS will assign them drive letters.

But, since they are both still on one cable (only 1 EIDE slot on mobo) do I still configure them with one as master and the other with a jumper as slave, or do I put jumper on both and make them both slaves? I am guessing the first, as master/slave is probably just for that cable.

Help? Thanks in advance.

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    If your drives support CS (cable select), use that. If not, the Master/Slave is the way to go.
  2. Thanks a lot, I was just doing some research and came to that same idea. I had completely forgot about the cable select option. Thanks again for your reply.
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