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I have this configuration:

Core i3 530
Biostar TH55 HD mob
3GB DDR3 1333 MHz
Cooler Master GX 550W (42 Amps on +12V)
17" (1440*900) monitor

I want to play games at maximum settings (1440*900 reolution). Please suggest me a graphic card out of these rigs:

HD 4870 (1GB), GTX 260 Core 216, HD 4890, HD 5770 or HD 5830. Please suggest me the best performance graphic card for (1440*900 reolution).
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  1. The fastest would be the HD 4890 or HD 5830. In terms of raw power, the HD 4890 is a bit faster, although the HD 5830 does offer DirectX 11 and lower power consumption, and would be a lot quieter than the HD 4890. Go for the HD 5830.
  2. WIll the HD 5830 or 4890 be an overkill for 1440*900 resolution
  3. If you don't plan to upgrade with a bigger monitor then HD5750/HD5770 would be enough for you...
    HD4890 be an overkill for your resolution and produce a lot amount of heat and noise... :)
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