Is this CPU bad?

My parents HP Media Center system running Vista Home Premium died over the weekend. I can boot to a UBCD disk, but I cannot boot to a Symantec Endpoint Recover Tool disc which runs Vista. I have used the UBCD disk to check the ram and the drives, and found no issues. I have disabled the onboard video card, onboard nic, onboard audio, pulled the modem, and removed the hauppauge card, all to no availl.

How can I test the CPU to verify if it is bad?
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  1. I only way I know to test the CPU if it is bad or not, is switch it to a "known" good working compatible PC and try it. If it works, than the CPU isn't bad. If it doesn't work, than you know it is the CPU. I haven't seen any test equipment to verify the CPU is good or not.
  2. Can you think of anything else that would cause Vista to fail to boot? I mean - I cant boot Vista off of a DVD, or off of the hard drive......I simply cannot find anything wrong.....
  3. Hey! I ran the mersenne prime stress test off of the UBCD, and it got a rounding error - I would think that that is indicative of a bad CPU - can anyone verify?
  4. sorikan said:
    Hey! I ran the mersenne prime stress test off of the UBCD, and it got a rounding error - I would think that that is indicative of a bad CPU - can anyone verify?

    This could also be due to memory issues, power issues etc. as tecmo34 said the only real way to test a CPU is by subsitution.

    This is a good guide on boot issues. Check everything on this list one at a time and double-check everything is connected correctly. Post back here when you're done and we'll go from there. [...] o-problems

    It could also be a memory issue.To test faulty RAM try using only one stick at a time and try each stick in each and every slot on the motherboard. This will rule out either bad memory or a faulty motherboard. Failing that, try removing all non-essential components and replacing each one by one to locate the faulty component. This includes everything except your motherboard, CPU and RAM.

    If you've been through everything on this list and still have no luck then you're down to your motherboard, CPU and PSU. These can only really be tested by substitution - just swap each part one at a time until you find out which one is faulty. Hope this helps and post back to let us know how you get on.
  5. I have tested the memory with memtest86+, scanned the drive with chkdsk, and with ubcd and found no issues. I have removed the modem, hauppauge card, and disabled the onboard LAN, Audio & video. I also ran the windows memory test from the UBCD and found no issues.

    Could you repost the link? It's broken.....

  6. hello.

    have you tried a strip down test?

    remove ALL non essential items (things not needed to boot!)

    so, remove the tv card, extra hdds, all but one stick of ram and any cd/dvd drives, usb devices, printers etc.

    you should be left with:

    motherboard, power supply, boot hard disk, graphics card (if there's no onboard, if there is, remove the gfx too) and your mouse, monitor and keyboard.

    then test it. then test each individual stick of ram in the same slot, then repeat in the next slot, again until you have tested all the memory modules in all the slots.

    the reason i suggest this is that i've had a lot of false positives AND false negatives in Memtest86, it's really not the best.

    You know if it's the chip or the board as you'll be unable to even get near the bios.
  7. Apologies for the broken link above, here's the correct one:
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