I have a "funny" question, that I can't find the answer.
So, I've bought an ASUS P8Z77-V PREMIUM board and I'm currently trying to figure out my HDD configuration, but I'm kind of not sure if what I want is even possible. So the question is, is it possible to create RAID 0 array on the Marvell controller and then use an SSD Drive (specially buying one from Intel that's made for cache) as cache for that array using the ASUS SSD Cache II software (all info I can find is that I can use multiple SSD drives to cache 1 normal HDD, but nowhere I can find if it's possible to cache entire array).

P.S. I have additional Kingston HyperX SSD drive ordered that's gonna be used on the Intel controller and used for the OS, but the SSD cache on the array is what bothers me, if I should use it, or just order 4 Seagate Barracuda drives to use in RAID 0 and no fancy cache :D

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you really want to SSD cache a RAID array effectively buy an Adaptec RAID controller (like a 6405 or 6805). What is your primary use, video editing?
  2. Yes, it's mostly because of the video editing and stuff, other than that I don't really need much speed from the HDDs ^^ Thou I prefer to stick to what's on the main board, don't really need more controllers, even if they are better I doubt that the difference will be THAT big.
  3. Just don't trust a motherboard RAID controller for storage, they are often unreliable. I use a separate RAID 5 array for my video work.
  4. Still no answer if it is possible :/
  5. Yes, you can use Intel SRT to cache an SSD with either a disk or volume and the volume can be a RAID array. You need to create the RAID array first and then run ISRT to create the 64GB cache. I would keep all the drives on the Intel controller though, as I doubt the Marvell controller can participate without loads of problems.

    You will need to start with the bios in RAID mode and have the RAID drivers on a USB stick at the beginning of the Windows 7 install.

    I still would not recommend doing this though, 4 drives in RAID 5 will at least give you some level of ability to repair if a drive drops out -- RAID 0 with a cache drive will give you no recovery from a dropped drive.
  6. Atm I have a RAID 0 from 2 drives on ASUS P5B Delux, and one of the hards lights red atm, things are slow :D
    As far as I remember, RAID 5 is consited of 3 HDDs, in a size of 1.5 of 1 of the drives, and RAID 10 is 2x2 RAID 0 and RAID 1 with 4 drives.
    However, seems that I can't create SSD cache on other controler than the Intel one (which has 2 SATA 3 ports and one of them will be used by the Kingston HyperX SSD for the OS). I however changed my order, so now I plan getting 3 drives in RAID 0 and using one OCZ Synapse for cacheing them.
    Other option I saw was cache usong a portion of my RAM (since I've ordered a 32GB Kit I guess I can spare some).
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