H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT??

Hellp people wondering what i should get a H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT?? these are the only two cards that are available where i'm located currently

I got a Aspire M5461
3 GB ram
Core 2 Quad 2.33 GHz
windows 7 home premuim 64 bit
and currently have a crapy Geforce 9300 GE

so what whould it be
H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT??
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  1. What is your PSU? brand? model? detail?
  2. sorry not really that techy do you mean the powersupply
  3. Yes, he means PSU. If you have a weaker one then the 5670 is the card for you. The 9800GT takes slightly more power. (unless you get one of the green ones.) The 9800GT is the better performer, while the 5670 supports DX11. You'd probably be happy with either one.
  4. i see my PSU is 450 what would be the pros and cons for the 5670 or 9800 GT
  5. btw reason for buying is for gaming
  6. 450W isn't enough info. Who made it? According to the label, how many Amps are available on the 12V rail(s)?
  7. Yeah, if that is the standard version of the 9800GT we need more info on the PSU. Tell us the model number of both the card and the power supply.
    Also what are the relative prices of the two cards?
  8. have to check the amps when i get back home currently in abroad as to who made it i'am pretty sure its LITEON
  9. for the price its 112$ for the 9800 and 130$ for the 5670
  10. Lite-On is an ok brand so even if the 9800GT is the standard version it can likely handle the card.
    The 9800GT comes in two different versions. There is the regular version with a 6-pin power connector and a lower power version that drops the power connector and is underclocked from 600mhz to 550mhz. The performance of the low power version and the HD5670 is very similar while the regular 9800GT should be about 10% faster than either. The HD5670 has some advantages though. It is DX11 compatible which is a nice feature to have, supports 3 monitors and has more advanced audio/video playback features for home theater use.
  11. ok which one would you advice fo gaming??
  12. and would those video cards be enough for the new games like crysis 2 and call of duty black ops and for diablo 3
  13. 9800GT has the best chance. Either should be ok for D3, but CoD:BO and Crysis 2 will be poor on either card.
  14. i see well since i am in hong kong might as well get one here what video card would you suggest for crysis 2 and diablo 3?? i'll just upgrade my power supply when i get home
  15. What card you should get depends on the native resolution of your monitor so we need to know that before we can make a real suggestion. The cards you are looking at now are generally appropriate for low resolutions and will do an ok job at 1280x1024 and below. The will probably even be able to handle Crysis 2 at those resolutions although perhaps not on high settings or with anti aliasing.
    If your resolution is higher than that you will want a better card. Basically it goes something like this:

    decent = HD5670/9800GT
    good = HD5750/HD4850/HD4770/GTS 250
    great = HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260

    decent = HD5750/HD4850/HD4770/GTS 250
    good = HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260
    great = HD5830/HD4890/GTX 275

    decent = HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260
    good = HD5830/HD4890/GTX 275
    great = HD5850/GTX 470
    the best = HD5870/GTX 480/HD5970

    The two best values for the money right now in general imo are the HD5770 and HD5850. They are well priced, power efficient and DX11 compatible. The HD5770 will likely be ok on your current power supply but I would need to know the model number or the listed amperage on the +12v rail(s) to tell you for sure.
  16. For the Gts 250 i think i saw a couple here in Hong Kong but now it raises the question does the brand (e.g. palit, inno, sparkle, etc) matter??
  17. The main difference between cards will be the cooler, warranty and price.
    The GTS 250 is questionable on your current power supply. The cards I listed that will likely work without needing a new one are the HD5670/HD5750/HD5770/HD4770/9800GT.
  18. He is in Hong Kong.
  19. yeah limited supply specially when i go back to the philippines
    how long will it last until i need a new card for better games
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