Cooler Master Excalibur/System help.

Hello My fellow brethren.

Recently Started making my new PC. Now when i came to fan part, i got without thinking Cooler Master Excalibur as i like BBB designs much more. My chassis is Cooler Master Elite 334. Now my question(s) is where to install Excalibur? plus which screws to use? the metal one or rubber one? ( logic is to use rubber to minimize vibration but...) shame there's no guide on Youtube or anywhere on internet. not even on CM site.

MY expertise in my brain say me to install it on back. So i should take off the already cooler master installed fan? and put that one in front? and install this one (EXc) in the back as i don't want to connect it directly to psu. i want to connect EXc to motherboard to be able to control it. My Motherboard is P5kpl-AM SE. yeah don't laugh, its does the job nicely.

Can you now tell me how to install it?

btw extremely nice fan with good reviews. and I need help on cable management too. the parts that came with chassis are confusing :p. except the strap that i have many more with me, much bigger than the one in chassis.

sorry for long post, but as i go, and my mentality is that the more detail you give the other person, the better he/she can answer back.

so yeah?...
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  1. um the faster i get response, the quicker i can screw things up (screw back). So please fast response appreciated.
  2. the cm elite 334 only has 2 places to install fans the front(optional and the back so install the excalliber in the front using either the rubber or metal screws (go with the metal if u can't install the rubber)

    about cable manegement

    the elite 334 doesn't have holes to route the cables behind the motherboard tray so i recommend getting zipties to tie down the cables together and use double sided tape to glue them to the case so it looks good :D
  3. Thank you for replying :).

    you mean the straps. yeah i have those in moderate quantity other than one included in casing.

    So you are suggesting me to put the EXc in front, and power it directly? i don't care much about noise, but making it run like that isn't what i want. i want it to be controlled through speedfan.?

    and as i said videos or installation with pictures would be amazing. would make things easy for me. my case is still open and i am still thinking of what to do. been 2 days like this.
  4. get a 4pin PWM fan extender cable from here

    and connect it to a 4 pwm or a 3pin
    4 pin the bios will controll it or u
    3 only u can controll it
  5. Can you tell me any reason of why to put it in front?

    and you just said don't use rubber screws if you cant. well i will greatly appreciate if one can tell me how to. If any vibrations started or too much noise then i will have to take it apart again. so better be safe than sorry.
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    because there is mo fan in the front and there is one in the back.

    i know those screws u put the fat end behind the screw hole on the case and pull the thin end through the fan until that fat part in the middle gets through one hole of the fan.
  7. YEAH! THANKS!!! Rubber screws i will use :D

    NO no look, i can always take off the fan in the back? its not that its illegal eh?
  8. no it's legal don't worry :D
    "Now it's time to select what you think is the best answer" lol heard it on a tv show :na:
  9. mrhoshos96 said:
    no it's legal don't worry :D
    "Now it's time to select what you think is the best answer" lol heard it on a tv show :na:

    :/ atm i am not done, until my questions are answered i wont. plus you are acting restless. :non: (non the less you would get it of course) :heink:

    Now can i install any fans here? on the side panel. would be great for processor. i think i can install 80mm here? and i don't see any thing useful of this exhaust/air intake.
  10. u can remove the air duct on the side panel and install a fan can't remember the size so get an old pc fan and try it on there.

    if u want to install a fan on the lower part of the side panel u can use some zip ties and tie down a fan
  11. yes, shame there's not much fan controllers or some kind of solution to install fans and control them through os. the fan controller hardware is for professional users only or one who can afford or need it.

    lower one isn't in my to get list atm. no gpu.

    and i can always use these

  12. Nah,thanks.
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