Major Issue XFX 8600GT

OK, my XFX 8600GT is idling at 75C, when it normally idled at 50-55C. Any suggestions to fix this? I really am unsure if I can get ahold of another video card at this time but don't want to burn this one out.
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  1. Check your system, and see how dusty it is. Clean the fans on your graphic card and see if that helps, as well as the fans of the computer case.
  2. I just got a new Mobo/CPU/Memory and cleaned out everything, I am going to make sure the fan is running and am actually going to attempt to RMA it I guess now that when I open fallout 3 it goes all the way up to 86. No way am I going to risk burning this out. Sadly it means ill have to use my onboard 4200 for a few weeks.
  3. How about fan profiles? Try setting the fan speed higher during the game.
  4. I do nothing, I think the fan doesn't work right.
  5. I also want to add everything else is running under 34C.
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