Motherboard wont post.

I recently built a computer for my Dad with a ASUS m4a78lt-M mobo. It worked fine for a few hours last night before we shut it down, we tried to start it up this morning and the motherboard wont post (or beep). Basically all we see is a black screen.

I've taken the RAM out and it hasnt beeped and Ive also took the heat sink off of the CPU and touched it and it was hot as suggested in some threads I saw.

I built an exact copy of his rig about 2 months ago with all the same parts except the PSU and DVD drive, everything else is the same.

My Dads setup:
2.8GHZ AMD Phenom II x4 CPU
ASUS m4a78lt-M mobo
4GB Gskill DDR3 1333 Ram (1 stick)
Saphire ATI Radeon HD5770 1gb GPU
Western Digital 500GB HD @7200 RPM
Rosewill Cruiser Case
Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 PSU
LG DVD Burner
(everything bought through
My setup has all the above except the DVD drive and PSU (I have a sunbeam) and everything works great.

Just wanted to know if the mobo is dead or if there was anything else i could try to pinpoint whats wrong and get it to boot.

Thanks for Helping :)

edit- Forgot to mention all the internal fans turn on but the Power LED's and HD LED on the front will not light up at all also.
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  1. just tested the PSU on one of my older rigs and it booted up fine. I would assume its the Motherboard thats not working?
  2. Reconnected PSU to my Dads system and made sure everything was good. Got it to "beep" and show the motherboard screen and to choose bios or something but then it just quit and went black again. Now I cant get it to beep again, only beeped that one time.

    I also just tried uninstalling all of the parts on the mobo to see if it would beep and it didnt so (please correct me if Im wrong) i would say the motherboard is dead. Does anyone else agree that based on what ive done and all that that is 100% sure the Mobo is dead?

    edit- I think it may be a short, but i was very careful installing the mobo. But i will try Breadboarding it tonight and see if that gets me anywhere.
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