Best Anti-virus programs to use that requires low resource usage

So title says it all. I have been using Norton products since the day I bought a computer and have found that it is pretty much a resource hog when I am trying to play video games like the newest game Battlefield 3. What antivirus software is a low resource hog and does not take up many resources to run the computer? I would prefer free, but I can buy it as well if that needs to be necessary.
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  1. It is hard to beat microsoft security essentials.
    It is free, well supported, unobtrusive and no overhead to speak of.
  2. F-Prot costs just under $6 per PC w/a site license ($29.95) ..... you'll never know its there.

    Avast wud be my choice for free

    I recommend either ZA Internet Security Suite or the equivalent from Bit Defender

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus , 3 Users (3 pc's )-2 Years of updates $19.99

    Great Deal
  4. Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials, good, low resource consumption and free
  5. BTW, that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus ^^^ would be a great deal for even 1 licence of superb AV .
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