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the last build I made was 4 years ago and it is now time for an upgrade as the old beast is struggling to keep up with current games. Here is what I have in mind so far;

CPU AMD PhenomII-X6 1055T
MB ASUS Crosshair IV
MEM G.Skill PC3-12800 CL9 RIPJAWS(8GB)
GPU ASUS 라데온 HD 5850 EAH5850 TOP D5 1GB Direct CU
HDD WD 1TB Caviar Black WD1002FAEX (SATA 6Gbps/7200/64M)

Now any input would be greatly appreciated and I still have some gaps concerning PSU, ODD(dvd). If youguys could recommend anything or think i should change something then reply please. I am a little bit behind the game.
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    1st the x6 sucks at gaming an x4 955 is a much better choice
    2nd the crosshar iv isn't worth the money unless you need thise extreme ocing features and the 4 pci expresses. so get a gigabyte/asus 890gx chipset mobo.
    3rd the maximum amount of memory that a game can utilize is about 3gb-3.5gb so 8gb is a extreme overkill get 4gb's
    4th if the hdd has sata 6gb's interface doesn't make it faster. the only drives that can take advantage of the sata 6gb's is the crucial c300 ssd or the ocz vertex 2 ssd. so getting a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb is a better choice.
    5th with the money saved u can get a 5870
    6th get a haf 922 case
    7th any cheap old odd with sata interface.

    note that sata 3 is backward compatible with sata 2
  2. if it is primarily for gaming:
    Drop the CPU and replace with the 955. The extra cores are pointless for gaming.

    Reduce the RAM to 4gb and improve the Latency. G Skill ECO or Ripjaws are CL7. Like with the CPU, above 4gb is meaningless for gaming so you are spending money for no performance increase. The Eco are $104.99

    With the money saved you can get a 5870 instead of a 5850, it is a perfect choice for gaming at 1920 x 1080

    The Corsair TX 750W will allow you to Crossfire your system - $99.99

    Personally I would drop the HDD to 3gb/s 1tb Samsung Spinpoint F3 - the performance is very similar but much cheaper. $74.99

    A very nice case is the HAF 922 for $89.99 and $9.99 shipping

    Motherboard Asus 89gx - $139.99

    or Asus 89fx - $174.99 if you really want x16/x16 XFire

    DVD really is not too important, any around the $20 will do the trick
  3. u just said what i recommended lol
    plus i think he doesn't live in the us nor canada
  4. lol, I know, ya slipped in there while I was finding links. Very sneaky.

    I wasn't sure where he lived so I just grabbed links to show the items rather than try find any combos
  5. Thanks guys, you have really saved me some time and money. I really am behind!!

    Cheers Well done!
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