Radeon 5770 and Sanyo 26" HDTV as monitor

This is a pretty noob question, but the advice from a questionable source has me double checking the seemingly obvious.

I'm going to be purchasing the ASUS Radeon HD 5770 CuCore - $144.99 after $20 rebate, $1.99 shipping

I own Sanyo DP26647 26-inch Widescreen LCD HMDI HDTV and am curious about using this as my main monitor. There is not a VGA port on the TV. Also, I doubt it matters but my TV is not refurbished and HDTV is "integrated". I'm not sure what integrated means here but I assume it has something to do with the TV resizing the image? I feel confident it will run at 1600x1200-1920x1200 resolutions assuming that the card and TV will work together. HDMI and S-video are the only inputs on my TV.

I am assuming I will just need a HDMI to HDMI cord like Is there a type/brand of cord I should look for to create a better image? I'm going to assume HDMI > S-video input.

Since my "dedicated" monitor is hypothetically run through HDMI, will I be able to hook up a second monitor via VGA port?

I don't know what the third port is called, but could I use this to hook up a third monitor?
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    The TV and the card should work just fine via an HDMI connection, but you'll be limited to the TV's resolution of 1366x768. You should be able to connect a second monitor using either the D-Sub (VGA) or DVI ports, but you can only run two monitors with this card.

    -Wolf sends
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    nI own this TV. It won't do 1366x768. It'll do 1360x768 albeit at 30hz. Using HDMI or DVI-HDMI the only HD rez it'll do at 60HZ is 1280x720, and it's not 1:1 pixel mapping. I've been trying for years, but the only way to get even close to 1:1 pixel mapping is to run it at 30hz refresh rates... it get pretty clear and crisp at 1920x1080, but that may only be because the pixels are shrunk. :p
    nI've come to be used to 1280x720 @ 60hz. Not as crisp as I'd like, but I've had the TV for a couple years now, it has a bad backlight bleed and maybe some dying pixels on one side, so I'm gonna give it to my kids to use with their media PC after this winter is over so I can get a 37" 1080p that will play nice with my video cards.
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