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So my roommate bought a computer prebuilt (against my advice) and the internal wireless card from HP just plain fails...

the distance from the router to his computer is roughly 20 feet in a direct line.. goes through 2 walls (very thin).

He gets 2 bars max and slower speed then my 6 year old laptop at the same distance (same distance i have full bars he has 2)...

So basically there is nothing wrong with the drivers or anything that i can find so he wants to just replace the card (internally or externally)..

Any recommendations for < $50

P.S: network is wireless G
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  1. We've got 3 routers (2 are G, 1 is N), 20m and 2 bars is pretty normal.

    Goes 25m tops, although on my built in Intel card it can goto 29m. (Line of sight) And with the top of the line D-Link DWA-160 N usb adapter, I got 21m line of sight broadcasting at N. =\ Just getting higher speeds.

    In the end I just flashed the firmware of one of my routers, to be used as a repeater. (Just broadcasts what it receives, acts as a signal booster)
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