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I need help customising my computer.. I lack the knowledge in computer parts and knowing how to spend my money wisely. I have a budget of 1200 Australian Dollars. from some research I am interested in buying an i7 930, an HD 5970, 6-8G of RAM and a corsair power supply, because ive read they have the best power supplies... Im so clueless, are there any better suggestions for my budget? what kind of case/motherboard do I need for these parts?!
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  1. AUD1200 = about €830
    I will try to help finding the components, but first
    Tell us what you already have beside Proc, GPU, RAM, and mobo:
    HDD? Casing? Monitor? Keyboard? Mouse? Speaker? OS?
    And this perhaps you need :
    WLAN card? WLAN router? etc.
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