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Ive always had problems running FSX (Flight Sim) with full graphics. Ive tried various cards all below £150. Im on dual core 1.66 (Pentium) with 4gig ram. Please can somebody suggest a good card on a budget of around £100 (or $140) that features
effective use of directx 11 (for tessilation) dual view, with 1gb, that leads the way for performance. Im focused on either nvidia or Radeon, but Im confused with which model will do the best job now and for future gaming.

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  1. This article will help you pick a card:


    But I'm afraid your CPU will be a huge bottleneck for any modern card.
  2. Hi Herr

    Thanks a lot for that.

    Just realised that i actually have a quad core processor in the Games PC and not a dual core one!

    From the list, I think the radeon 5770 looks good for the money, Ive read the 5750 (the lower spec) cant handle as many frames etc. Any contrary advice to picking this card would be great to have. Especially people owning both the card and FSX.

    I may only need the card to run FSX on full scenery - the game realism is what im after.

    How well does this card deal with direct x 11.0 and tessellation?

    Any help is appreciated

    Many thanks
  3. Please check your exact CPU model just to be safe.

    The 5770 is fully DX11 capable. I assume you're using Windows 7?
  4. Heres the full spec:

    CPU- q6600 (Quad pentium 2.4)

    Ram- 4GB

    Corsair- 400PSU

    250g x 2 hard drives

    Gigabyte GA- Eg41MF- S2H Motherboard

    Current Graphics looking to update from- geforce 9400 GT

    FSX- urrently runs ok at average graphics, and is sluggish anything above that.

  5. sorry, its running on windows 7 64 bit
  6. OK, then a 5770 will be a brilliant upgrade. The 9400 isn't powerful enough for most new games. By the way, the Q6600 is a Core 2 Quad CPU, not a Pentium.
  7. You may want to keep an eye on your PSU though; 400W might be enough for a single 5770 but I'm not sure.
  8. Thanks so much Herr, youve been a great help. cant wait to get it.

    If anyone knows if a corsair CPU 400 will power the card based the the above spec please let me know.

    all best
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