Best CPU Cooler for New Build!? $50-70

Hey! As the thread title states i am looking for a new cooler for my build and want to hear the communities opinions on what to get. I have been doing research and the shear amount to choose from is just overwhelming. Some that i have been looking at are

Coolermaster Hyper 212+
Zalman CNPS9900
Scythe Yasya
Corsair H50
Noctua NH-U9B
and even the Coolermaster V6 GT.

So any insight on what to choose from or another one that you would recomend would be fantastic. Cheers!
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  1. You don't need to spend that much.
    $30 gets you a Hyper 212+
    $35 gets you a scythe mugen.

    Both can take CPU's up to 4ghz with good temps. Scythe mugen cools nearly as well as the megahalem, but has the issue of blocking 102 RAM slots, so no tall RAM if you use it.
  2. Im planning on using and do not believe they are overly tall. (Could of course be miserably wrong though)
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