How to access date on toshiba hard disk drive

I have a Toshiba HDD which was installed on a Sony laptop. the motherboard died and replacing it will cost more than buying a new laptop. However I need to access the data on the hard disk, which I removed. How do I access the data?
The Hard Disk is a Toshiba Model no. MK2546GSX. I am not very good with computers so I need some help in accessing and transferring the data out, like getting an adaptor to hook on to the hard disk and my mac laptop. the sony was running on Windows Vista.
Thanks in advance for assistance.
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  1. There are SATA-USB adapters you can use to connect the device to the Mac, whether it will read is another issue. Drives under 3TB on Windows systems use the NFTS format, which is made by microsoft. So it is likely your mac wont be able to read the drive.
    The easy solution is to connect it to another Windows machine.

    Heres a SATA-USB adapter.

    You could get the data off without getting an adapter is to plug it in normally to a desktop. Pop open the case, plug it into a SATA port, Plug in power and it should appear as just another drive when you boot it up.
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