Antec 300 Case Fans (similar to below post, slightly different though)

I have the Antec 300.

I already have the front two 'Import'/'Input' fans on the front along with the two provided exhaust fans on the read and top.

The consensus seems to be that adding another input fan on the side provides minimal effect for cooling. What about turning the side panel fan into an additional exhaust fan, (i.e. just flipping it over to point out instead of in.)

I never put one on because I thought it may alter air flow especially when considering I have the CPU Fan and Sink, and a Graphics Card fan.

However, if I can get a little less heat for $10-$20 it is worth it to me...less heat, longer life.

I guess my questions is which would be more effective in cooling down the internals using the side fan for input or exhaust. I have always wondered but never actually put time into trying to figure it out.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Generally, side fans are used to spot-cool a particular area and are usually orientated in the intake position. Since hot air rises, the most effective place for exhaust fans would be the top/back of the case. On some cases, side fans are used with ducting to provide a fresh supply of cool air to the CPU or even the GPU.

    From my own experiences with the Antec 300, the two front intake and pre-installed Tri-Cool exhaust fans are more than adequate and keep my system very cool. I'm not sure how much, if any difference an additional side fan in either oreintation would make.
  2. you can just post this question in your previous thread. you can play around with the side fan if you want, ive found side fans tend to increase heat (in or out) unless they are run at high speeds are are larger then 120mm.

    as is my open 120mm panel still sucks air in even without a fan.
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