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Hello all

I recently bought a Hec blitz black steel ( and i have been trouble booting it up, the motherboard i have (no idea what it is called, but i got it from an acer aspire AX3300-U1322 if that helps) has two 2 pin connectors and my case needs three 2 pins and one 3 pin, the cables are:
reset sw, power led (this is the three pin one), hdd led, and power sw

this is the first time i have put together a case

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    The motherboard manual will have a diagram of the 'front panel connectors'. If you have no manual or can not download one online, use a magnifying glass and look at the front panel connectors on the MB. Connect the power switch lead from the case to power switch connector on the MB. Same with the reset switch, hard drive incicator and so on. It is best to connect the leads from the case to the MB before screwing the board down into the case. Also, using a screwdriver to short the MB front panel power switch connector will jump start the computer.

    Old, but perhaps some visual help here.,518-14.html
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