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Hi all is it really necessary to use clean sweep to uninstall old graphic drivers before i install my new drivers?
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  1. If you're going from Nvidia to ATI or vice versa, definitely yes.

    If you're just going from an ATI driver to a new ATI driver, then no.
  2. I switch from nvidia to Ati but didnt do a clean sweep. Now is it too late to do one?
  3. Please help on what I can do now?
  4. it not late... do a clean sweep using driver sweeper
  5. Sorry but im new to this.. Could you please tell me where i can download this and what steps i should take? Thanks in advance
  6. Use this link by clicking here. I recommend using key words "driver sweeper"

    You may also take a shortcut and use the following link which took me 3 seconds to find by using the above link and key words.
  7. Ok ive downloaded driver sweeper. Ive already uninstalled my nvidia drivers the last time now the new drivers are ATI. but under the driver sweeper i see nvidia chipset and nvidia display so should i clean these 2?
  8. nvidia display
  9. Thanks so much all of you bros..

    mjshaarma:so i'll just clean nvidia display and leave the nvidia chipset right?
  10. which is your motherboard?
  11. ep35-ds3 gigabyte
  12. Oh do i have to do it in safe mode?
  13. you have to remove registry entries by going to safe mode
  14. Cleaned by there are still some files that cant be deleted. I think i better leave it as it is before i screw up
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