Q 9550 vs i5 760

Ok, i want to buy one of the two processors, but the Q 9550 costs 70$ less than the i5 760 in my country, and i already have a LGA775 motherboard (Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C), so for the i5 i would have to spend more cash for a new motherboard and RAM.. what are your sugestions ?? Is it worth it to go for the i5-760 ?
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  1. If you already have the motherboard I would say buy the q9550. An alternative would be selling the board, then going with the newer platform (what I would do). Do you have the ram and everything else, or just the motherboard?
  2. My current PC has the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C) with a 1Gb ram and a E2180 processor >.< .
  3. For the q9550 i wont have to buy a new motherboard i guess, i will be upgrading my ram anyways...
    Should i get a Q9550 or pay +70 $ for an i5-760 and another 100 $ for a motherboard ?
  4. I know this is a pain in the ass, but I would recommend selling everything except the case and power supply. Then you will have some money toward an upgrade. The problem is, you will need more ram and a faster processor. So now your spending a decent amount on old technology. I think your best best is going for the i5-750 or the i5-760 as you said, and then grab the rest of the components as needed.
  5. Yes your spending more but you'll have your old parts to sell, so it won't be too bad. Then what you'll have is a current gen machine, just my 2 cents.
  6. Does your 945 based board support a Q9550? I'd double check to see if it does as the 945 didn't naively support the C2D series. It was added later, and I'm not sure 45nm quad support was added.
  7. Ok thanks, thats what i wanted to hear :)
  8. I guess ill go for the i5-760, cuz the q9550 is old and my motherboard isnt good anyways.
  9. I usually don't push for people to spend more money. However, if you do the math, after you sell your old parts, I think you'll see there isn't a huge difference in price. And you will have a far superior computer.
  10. Bulgaria1, от къде купуваш части? Любопитно ми е как са цените в БГ...
  11. Only diff between core 2 Quad Q9550 and Core i5 is that i5 is direct processing n quad is not. but the rest is same. i would prefer Q9550. coz m using it and it is giving me the performance as time i bought it when it was released.
  12. I don't think OP's board will support the 9550.. So the choice gets plain simple.. An alternative would be to go for an AMD setup with a Phenom II X4 965.. It'll work out cheaper and gives significant gaming horsepower..
  13. Quote:
    Ok, i want to buy one of the two processors, but the Q 9550 costs 70$ less than the i5 760 in my country

    Which country.?
  14. whatever suits with ur budget is the best choice for ya. if you are thinking of selling ur MB then go per ur choice i.e with i5 else, Q9550 is also not that bad processor. Be sure abt that. :)
  15. Im from Bulgaria (Europe) and it seems the price of the Q9550 was wrong since the company im getting the CPU from have removed it from their catalogue. BTW i already ordered the i5-760, it will be here tomorrow :)
  16. Stupido said:
    Bulgaria1, от къде купуваш части? Любопитно ми е как са цените в БГ...

    Ето от тук са частите на ПС-то ми :) http://www.erabg.com/home/
  17. I hope you got the rest of the parts as the CPU is useless without the new motherboard and ram to go with it.
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