I have no sound at all ati hdmi

Hello,recently just upgraded my computer to Windows 7 ultimate 32bit. I have no sound at all,Says its working properly and yet it says its disabled? OR it says no jack information available? Sound is on motherboard,called... ATI HDMI AUDIO,REALTEK
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  1. Make and model ?
  2. HP Media Center m7160n Desktop PC
  3. For some reason it said, The update did not complete successfully.(259)
  4. ooh wait,let me try again didn't see the rest of the links.
  5. Right click the mouse on the exe. and choose troubleshoot compatibility
  6. I did the right click mouse on the exe,did what it told me,said "update has completed" and restarted. And still no sound,Am I missing a step?
  7. See,and then clearly states that its not working at the bottom right hand corner. :/
  8. are you using sound through HDMI or do you plug your speakers into the on board jack ?
  9. I think you're going to want to update your realtek audio drivers.

    I imagine you are trying to use the onboard audio without the drivers installed.

    Just head to your motherboard's manufacturers website and find the latest drivers on the support page.
  10. Yes I plug it in to an on board jack.

    Motherboard manufacture so I would head to HP site?
  11. I have tried everything,hopefully I can get this resolved today. :/
  12. If you want sound through the HDMI jack, there may be a 2 pin motherboard header labeled something like SPDIO Out that needs to be connected to the video card. If so, the video card should have the needed cable.
  13. okay ill check it out,thank you,and thank you everyone else.
  14. The other day the computer did some sort of bios update,and that is when the sound stopped working completely.
  15. whatever software you're using that's performing auto updates to the BIOS uninstall it.

    there may be a few ways to fix the sound issue. go into the control panel and click on the speaker icon and go through it til you find the sound to speaker stuff" and disable the HDMI or AMD make it point to the onboard sound ( realtek ).

    or you can uninstall the HDMI sound from the device manager and disable auto updates for the hardware.

    uninstall the amd drivers from the control panel. reboot. then do a fresh install if the amd drivers but do a custom or advanced install and don't let the amd sound install when prompted.
  16. okay,what I did the other day was ran an update and it did the bios thing I couldn't get the sound so I just went to the store and got the windows 7 ultimate to see if that would change anything. Is it possible that I screwed myself when I updated the OS?
  17. no, you didn't screw yourself, but what happens is Windows will automatically install drivers and other stuff you don't need or shouldn't put on your system. But you yourself need to know what those things might be. Turn off auto updates and go to the site every Tuesday afternoon and do an update........ and be discrete about what you. you don't need everything they post there.
  18. Day three still no sound,I hope that today we can figure this out :/
  19. :/
  20. Okay so this is what I came up with,I restarted my computer today and pressed F1 seen that my audio was on auto,So I switched it to enable. After that it came back to windows and installed the driver it needed and POOF I have sound again,Thanks for all of your help everyone. :)

  21. Cool.Glad you have sound!
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