Can you replace ddr2 667 (pc5300) with ddr2 800 (pc6400)

I have a HP Pavillion dv6833 laptop. The motherboard model number is 460901-001. I changed the OS from Vista to Windows 7 (64 bit). The 64 bit system requirements says it iwll work with 2 GB ram but i have 3 and it froze a few times. I checked and all the 64 bit systems come with 4GB of ram at least. I have 3GB of DDR2 667 (pc5300) and I want to upgrade to DDR2 800 (pc 6400). Both are 200 pin. Would i have a problem? Do i have to stay with the DDR2 667 (pc5300)?
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  1. It will work... at 667 speeds
  2. what can i do to make it work at 800 speeds?
  3. You would have to overclock the ram. Most laptops don't let you into the BIOS enough to do any overclocking.
  4. The speed memory runs at is set by your motherboard and processor configuration.

    Memory is sold by the fastest rated speed that it is guaranteed to work at, NOT at the speed it will run at by default on your motherboard.

    So in short, you always want to buy memory that is at least rated at what your particular build will run at by default.
    So yes, you can put 800mhz memory in your machine, but unless you overclock it, it will run at 667mhz. You won't be able to tell any difference in speed even if you do overclock it and set to run at 800mhz.
    But, there is no reason not to buy 800mhz memory if you have found a set at a good price, it will work fine.
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