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Is it possible for a desktop pc to reboot because of a bad monitor. I have this CPU that keeps rebooting especially during games when im using a 17 inch LCD monitor, but when im using my friends 32 inches Samsung LED monitor/TV.. it doesnt reboot.
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  1. Not heard of this before myself but I've been wrong before! If it were the other way round then you may suspect it was due to playing at a higher resolution, but that doesn't really explain this case.

    In general, the fact that it reboots during games suggests a temperature/power issue.

    HWMonitor from CPUID is a good utility for monitoring all of your hardware and will also show you the temperatures of most of your components:

    If you can post results at idle and at load (run prime95 or other stress-test utility) then that would help.
  2. Don`t think it`s the lcd, I agree with moody89 probably heat or power. The fact it`s doing it under load says weak component somewhere possibly...
  3. Inches are not what's important, resolution is. It's possible the 17" monitor actually has a higher res than the TV, if the TV is not 1080p.

    Of course, they may connect differently to the computer, and one of those connections or cables could be the issue.
  4. Also, is it plugged into the same outlet? Unstable power could push a poor PSU over the edge creating instability.
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