Core 2 Quad with SLI GTX 480's?

I am currently running a Q9400 at stock speeds and an 8800GT. I want to get a pair of GTX 480's to go in SLI but am worried about bottlenecking. Would I have to OC my cpu to prevent this from occurring or is 2.66GHz enough?

Also how much performance could I gain from going to an i7 from a Core 2 Quad if I have two GTX 480's?
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  1. Does your board support SLI? For a pair of 480s i would think that a 9400 would bottleneck them without an OC, with an OC it will lessen it. If you are considering getting 2 GTX 480s in SLI, and your board doesnt support SLI i would suggest building a new system and just getting a single GTX 480 and adding a second in SLI later, it would probably cost about the same.
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