Arma 2 and good?

looking for a good game to get..I prefer 3d shooters..3rd person are ok too..

what kind of game is arma 2? is it 3rd perrson?

I like war simulations..

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  1. Arma 2 is 1st person FPS based on military/war type combat. It's a more technical game than Call of Duty for example. You don't just run around like an idiot spraying bullets everywhere.

    However, last I tried to play the game (several months ago) it had severe performance problems even on high end machines. So you'll want to check out the Arma 2 forums before you try playing, just to see what's up these days. :)
  2. There's many 3rd person games, like Assassin Creed, Splinter Cell, and many more...
    What about the rest of your specs? CPU? RAM? MOBO? PSU? Monitor? GPU?
  3. 980x, dual 5970 4 gig, asus p6t deluxe v2, 12 gig 1600mhz ram, 1200 watt power supply,
    3 27" viewsonic lcd's..

    I finished splinter cell. that game run horribly on my system for reason.
    I was also in the middle of playing metro 2033 and was getting far into the game when the game for no reason just stopped at the THQ screen and crashes..
  4. Wow, your system is great... :)
    Metro 2033 is one of "heavy games", surely you can maxed out the other games easily...
  5. thanks..I like it :)
    I was able to max out metro 2033 before it started to crash on me on the startup screen..
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