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Procedure for OCing my Sapphire Radeon Toxic 5850

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
June 29, 2010 5:29:05 PM

OK, here’s the deal. I just installed a Sapphire Radeon Toxic HD 5850 2GB card and wanted to fool with overclocking it a bit further than the factory OC. I read the following article which provided a high-level overview for OCing this particular card:

According to the article, I need to use a combination of utilities instead of Catalyst Control Center which the article says severely limits the overclocking headroom of this board. The pair of utilities it says to use are AMD GPU Clock tool and MSI AfterBurner. The article says: “By using these two utilities you will be able to set the clock speeds (AMD GPU Clock Tool) and then you can manually set the fan speeds (MSI AfterBurner). If you try to manually set the fan speed in CCC and then use these programs to change the clock frequencies with the AMD GPU Clock Tool, you will find that when you launch a 3D application the fan defaults to auto speeds.”
OK, all fine and good. I downloaded both utilities but on my Vista 64-bit system only MSI AfterBurner will launch. When I try launching AMD GPU Clock tool it complains I need to run it with Admin authority but when I try right clicking on its icon I don’t get that option. That option is also grayed out in the Advanced tab of the icon and when I do Shift+right click on the icon the context menu has “Run As” and not “Run As Administrator”, and when click that I get the same error – any ideas? I couldn’t seem to locate a dedicated 64-bit version of the utility.
When running MSI Afterburner it is not clear why I need both utilities in the first place when it looks like I could also use it to set the card voltage, GPU clock and memory clock as well as fan speed.
Now, back to my original request, can anyone tell me the procedure for approaching OCing this card? I am experienced OCing CPUs but I am a noob on OCing GPUs. What is the best thing to adjust first and by what size steps? Do I raise the GPU clock first, memory clock first, or voltages and in what increments. I read this card can easily move from its stock 775Mhz to ~901MHz (or evenupto 925Mhz) on air and boost the memory somewhere between 1125MHz and 1200MHz. Also, how can I determine what the save operating temp range is for this card under load?
Any pointers or suggestions welcome.


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