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Whenever I say anything into the microphone I can hear it coming from the headset. I had a GameCom 770 Closed Ear Headset. However, the microphone just stopped working in it. The thing broke in half when I put it on one day and ever since I have had to keep it taped to keep it on my head. The microphone couldn't be fixed. I let it rest and just stopped using the microphone for all my games for a while.

I went searching online for a new headset and came across amazing reviews for the Logitech G35. I read that it uses its own onboard sound driver so it doesn't rely on your hardware's sound card. So I ordered one from

It just arrived today and after fidgeting with it for about 4 hours I cannot fix this issue. The microphone is still playing all my sound about 1 second after I say it. I tried updating the driver from the biostar website. I tried updating to the new driver that came out from RealTek and that didn't resolve the issue. I then uninstalled the driver. and Tried disabling the onboard sound. Nothing so far has worked. When I unmute the G35's microphone (indicated as muted when the red light on the tip comes on, and vice versa) I can hear myself, my tv, and any other noises in the room as they come through the headset.

I have a Biostar A770 A2+ Motherboard. About a year ago I wiped the computer and it seems I have not been able to find the correct sound driver to make the card work properly. I currently have the WDM_R253 Realtek driver installed. I have the USB headset plugged into the ports in the back. My sound volume options have Logitech G35 Headset as my mixer device. Playback is selected and Microphone is muted. If I unmute the microphone from Playback I hear myself once immediately and again 1 second later. Muting the microphone through playback gets rid of the immediate echo, but still leaves the delayed echo.

If there is any advice any can give on this please let me know. This is Windows XP MCE SP3.
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    OH-MY-GOODNESS! I am so stupid. I turned on the voice preview sometime during installation. Heh. Everything is working fine now. We can mark this issue as solved. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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