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im looking into maybe building my own computer. I wanted to make one for gaming since the one i have now isnt desgined for games. Im trying to be cost effictive though so i was going to try and take some of the parts from my old comp. i was wondering if this is possible.
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  1. Please give your budget & what roughly you're looking at.

    Take a look at this thread & post accordingly.
  2. Only parts i would recommend pulling from your old system are the optical drive and if you are desperate to keep the initial costs down you can take your old HDD too but you will need to reinstall the OS on it, and i suggest replacing soon it with a more modern one that will be faster.
  3. I gibe ya a $600 build which would do Full HD for games with low AA/AF
  4. thx for the suggestions and i was looking at keeping the disk drive and the hard drive, but since your saying id have to reinstall windows i might just get a new one. Plus, is the prossecor salvageable or should i just get a new one too. I was looking at a 800 dollar budget
  5. im kind of new to the site really i found it during a google search for my wireless adapter. sorry i couldnt give a better post
  6. If your old Hdd is SATA interface and is still working i'd say there is no need to hit a new one unless u need more storage and ya best use the template lined by calguyhunk
  7. A. Unless you give us your system specs, I can't say what is salvageable, and what is not. So once again, please post according to the guide I linked you to, or at least give us your specs.

    2. You don't have to buy anything to avoid the "agony" of re-installing Windows. At a basic level just pop in the DVD, follow the instructions & you're good to go. Default settings for every thing will suit you just fine.

    Now just in case you wanna get an entirely new system, here you go ---

    CPU & Mobo

    Option 2 for CPU+Mobo





    Get a 23 dollar DVD burner from LG / Samsung / Sony with lightscribe support.

    Just leave out stuff you wont be needing. Or, give us your exact system specs, so that we know what you can leave out & what you absolutely need to buy.

    EDIT : If you want AMD, go with Batuchka. If you want Intel, this is the one for you.
  8. Alright my specs are:

    model number: gateway SX2802-03

    CPU: 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Processor

    MOBO: intel g43 chipset (this doesnt seem like its enough but its all i could find)

    RAM: 6gb of ddr2

    HDD: 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive

    PSU: 220 watt power supply (sorry i couldnt find anything else on it but this is the site i used

    GPU: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 (this and my psu have been whats holding me back, really it would be nice to just upgrade this and my psu, but my pcs to small).
  9. I also found out my budget is more in the 500 to 600 dollar range. I also had a question is it ok to mix memory sticks like 2 gbs from one company with 6 from another?
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    Keep your processor. It's actually not a bad one at all. get This compatible mobo. Or a More inexpensive mobo.

    Two things to remember here.

    1. These will be good for the next few years, after that the socket will be obsolete & you'll have to shift en masse to a newer platform.

    2. First check if your mobo already has a PCIe X16 slot. If it does, you wont even have to buy a new mobo.

    Just get yourself this Radeon HD 5770 & you're good to go.

    This should allow you to play almost all games on high settings.

    The PSU has gotta go. This CORSAIR 650W PSU is gr8 & what's more, you can save it for your next build.

    And yes, your PC is not too small, your case is. Go with this Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming Case for only 40 bucks or this Thermaltake V3 case for only 50 bucks, if your case ain't good enough.

    Save the rest of your money & save up some more for a year or two later, when you'll get a more kick-a$$ system. We'll still use the PSU & the GPU in a Xfire set-up.

    As far as RAM goes, brand doesn't matter. Type (DDR / DDR2 / DDR3 etc) speed (533 / 667 / 800 / 1066 etc) & timing do.
  11. Wow thank you, this answered my question entirely. Plus, as far as the motherboard goes in my current pc its shaped really funny its not a square its a rectangle (I think its a specialty board gateway made). Anyway, thank you especially for the fact that this is my first time building a new pc so cheaper is better economically wise. Also, I liked how you used pretty much everything in my current pc to make this new one, I wasnt expecting that! Thank you
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  13. Hi dbombpopcop, firstly thanx for besting my answer.Happy to help.

    Secondly, mobos are shaped every which way, and ATX mobos measure 12"X9.5"(rectangle) & uATX's measure 11.2"X8.2"0r 9.6"X9.6"(square).

    There are other non-standard measurements as well.

    But yes, branded PC's always come with boards specially made for dell / hp / lenovo etc, that kill upgradeability intentionally.
  14. ok i thought it looked wierd, because i opened it up to see how big the space was between the pcixexp 2.0 and the case and found out its about 3.25 inches was not enough. Yet, i did notice that gateway did a nice job of using every concievable amount of space in the case. Which is going to make tearing it apart a nightmare but ill keep my fingers crossed and try to be gentle. Still the processor has a heatsink that i think looks really odd. Its circular shaped and the ones i have seen are square shaped, is this going to be a problem?
  15. plus really your helping me out a lot. So when i saw the button i pressed it.
  16. Firstly, Thanx for besting me :)

    Secondly, I can't speak 'bout the Heatsink till I see it. But don't worry 'bout that. If the heat sink does'nt fit, we'll get an aftermarket one for about 10-15 bucks - that's all.

    This one is a good one if you choose to overclock.

    This one is a more cost effective one, if you use stock clock speeds & don't play 'round with it.

    But you don't really have to worry 'bout it now. Just see if it fits first.
  17. IMPORTANT : My option 2 mobo is an ATX one and fitting it into the cases I recommended ain't done. So stick to the micro ATX mobo in the other link, or one of your choosing.
  18. ok thx i was leaning towards the first one anyway and that kind of makes the decision a no brainer. Plus, ok ill try the heatsink if it doesnt work ill order the second one probably not sure. Still, i was wondering for the cpu did i need anything else or should it be as easy as just taking it out and putting it in the new one.
  19. Again, if you don't OC, you wont need an aftermarket paste either. Just the pad that comes with CPU should be good enough.

    BTW : I just noticed you already have 6 GB's of RAM. You did'nt mention the speed, but normally it should be plenty. 8GB will be an absolute overkill, and a waste of money.

    Most games of today just don't have the ability to use more than 4 GB of memory.

    Older 6 GB DDR2 memory however wont work on that mobo. So get This high speed low latency 4GB DDR3 RAM.

    You'll see a remarkable performance boost. Also here's a less expensive, but equally good 100 dollar 4 GB DDR3 RAM option that you can go for.

    8GB's wont give you any real performance boost for gaming. So skip it.
  20. ok yeah i dont plan to overclock since its my first build on my own pc. Wait you mean the asus one right? as for the motherboard, but yeah i was planning to give the memory to a friend originally (for a cheap price of course, this thing doesnt pay for itself). anyway yeah if you could put some good brands for motherboards and what i need to watch out for id be willing to look into other boards. Plus, as far as the memory goes i looked at them and read some things involving the bios for the cheaper one. Anyway getting the higher speed one would be nicer.
  21. i want to not necessarily completely avoid the bios, but if i mess something up then im pretty much done for and reversing it would be difficult if i screw it up enough.
  22. I actually looked over both of the boards you suggested and they both said ddr2 for the memory. Were you talking about if i choose another board?
  23. BIOS is the Basic Input Output System of the Mobo. Every mobo will have it, so you can't really "avoid" the BIOS. If you want a diff mobo then this one is an even better one. But it'll be a more expensive option, especially if you can't find a combo deal to go with it.

    If you do plan on it though, look @ microcenter. They sell processors at obscenely low prices. Get the 750/760 from there and the Asus pro from newegg, tigerdirect, or anywhere reliable where you can find a good deal :)

    You asked me 'bout mobo brands.

    Well to one person his own, but I prefer Asus / Gigabyte / MSI over others. GPU'S - Same + Sapphire / EVGA etc.

    The things to watch out for will be a DDR3 1333 support without OC, preferably USB 3.0 support (but not really required for 1156 anyways), and at least 2 PCIe X16 slots.

    Also if you don't have onboard graphics, you'll need a separate gfx card. You'll almost always have integrated sound & LAN these days though, so you dont really need those.
  24. And oh yeah, standard ATX mobos don't really fit into uATX cases
  25. ok, well i did some thinking and i guess i like the gigabyte one if you knew any good cases that would fit that one, id appreciate it. Plus, im trying to keep costs low so although the expensive one you mentioned seems really cool its pretty pricey.
  26. but wow this is a lot of help thank you its like techsupport but fluent in english
  27. Do you mean the Giga GA-EP43 mobo? Well, DDR3 wont work on that.

    If you wanna go with that mobo, then either use the RAM that you already have, or if it's below 800 Mhz, get some 2 X 2GB DDR2, 1066, low latency stuff.

    But I'll say first give the old RAM a try without spending the extra cash.
  28. Yeah, see im trying to be cost effective and all though im pretty serious as far as gamers go. Still, at this point in time going with the gigabyte route just seems to make more sense.
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