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Hello, everyone. I happen to have some extra cash and I'd like to upgrade my video card. I don't have enough to do a full system overhaul. What videocard would be the best suited for my Asus EP35-DS3L?
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  1. Primary Question:

    What resolution is your monitor?

    Secondary Question #1:

    What Power Supply do you have?

    Secondary Question #2:

    What do you want to play/do with this video card?

    Secondary Question #3:

    What CPU do you have? (this goes toward whether it'll keep up with a particular video card)

    Secondary Question #4:

    What is your budget?

    BTW: Your motherboard supports the PCI-E graphics card slot. Beyond that, it really has little meaning as to what video card you should get. :) The above questions are really what need to be answered so we can properly recommend anything to you.
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