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i have pretty much exhausted every tool i have in hirens boot cd except drive cloners that need to wipe the destination drive [this wont be a problem soon as ill have a spare hdd to do this with, but for now i still cant do it]

are there any others? i am pretty sure the hdd in question has a severally damaged head or something, i was able to recover a little under half of the user data then it became almost completely unresponsive. the only tools i can get to detect it are in parted magic, any windows based tools on HBCD seem to not even be able to detect it, i cant even mount it anymore
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  1. will this work for drives with hardware failures?
  2. didnt think so, i need something a that can work through the worst of problems
  3. RecoveryFix for Windows is equipped with sophisticated algorithms that ensure quick recovery of files and folders from a deleted, corrupt or inaccessible Windows partition. It fully supports EIDE, IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA, PEN and USB drives for data recovery.

  4. There is no best data recovery software. The one that can help you and you like is the best software.
  5. Your best bet if you can is to take a clone image and run data recovery software if needed on the clone. The Linux ddrescue command is good for making a clone of a failing drive.

    A data recovery service would use a hardware imager for this job. If the data is valuable that's the way to go. Also know the more you work on the drive the more likely it is to fail completely.
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